Unruly Casino Patron at Encore Boston Harbor Leaves Two State Troopers Injured

  • Brandon Wangnoon was arrested and charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct
  • One state trooper suffered a concussion while a second sustained back injuries  
  • State police plan to file charges of assault and battery of an officer
police officer arresting man using handcuffs
Two state troopers suffered injuries after they assisted in the removal of an unruly casino patron at the Encore Boston Harbor Resort. [Image: Shutterstock]

Customer causes a scene

Over the weekend, an unruly customer at the Encore Boston Harbor Resort in Everett, Massachusetts caused a scene while being removed by security personnel and state troopers. The incident left two state troopers injured.

Casino security requested assistance from police in removing Brandon Wangnoon, 25, of Brockton, from the property. One trooper was concussed when the patron became assaultive, while another sustained back injuries.

An early-morning scuffle

The MSP Gaming Enforcement Unit received a call from the Encore security team just after 2am on Saturday. Wangnoon was in the poker room when he began to turn aggressive and irate after security tried to remove him from the facility.

Two troopers who were in the area at the time of the call responded. When they attempted to remove Wangnoon, he turned violent. One of the troopers decided to use his stun gun. Eventually, police were able to handcuff him.

police will also be prosecuting him for assault and battery of an officer

As the troopers removed Wangnoon from the casino floor, he became threatening once again. Officers had to subdue him in the main lobby before taking him outside. Once out of the casino, he turned aggressive once again and the troopers had to take him to the ground. Police held him in this position until a prisoner van from the Everett Police Department arrived on the scene. Officials then took him to the police station.

One of the troopers hit his head while subduing Wangnoon outside the casino. He was taken to the Massachusetts General Hospital, where doctors diagnosed him with a concussion. The second trooper who suffered back injuries due to the incident stayed on duty.

Wangnoon faces charges of resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. State police will also be prosecuting him for assault and battery of an officer.

Not the only incident

Wangnoon’s removal was not the only incident over the weekend involving a customer arrest at the Encore Boston Harbor. At around 4:20am, a police officer sustained an injury when he took Brian Navarro into custody. Encore called on police to assist security when a fight broke out between two men, one of whom was Navarro.

Navarro resisted the arrest and struggled while the officer tried to place him in handcuffs. Police eventually took him into custody and filed charges of assault and battery of an officer.

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