Sports Bet Montana Terminals to Be Installed Early March

  • Terminals will be installed at licensed locations throughout the state
  • Mobile betting will be offered on-site, but may not be offered when terminal betting begins
  • Bettors can place several types of bets on professional and college sports
Montana welcome sign
The Montana Lottery Commission has revealed that Sports Bet Montana betting kiosks will be installed at licensed locations in early March. [Image:]

Not long to go

Sports betting services are about to launch in Montana. The state’s Lottery Commission announced this week that it expects the installation of sports betting terminals to begin on March 9. Bettors will then be able to wager on their favorite teams via licensed locations.

Training will follow installation

The new sports betting product in the state is titled “Sports Bet Montana.”

Locations that the Lottery Commission has approved for licensing will house the new terminals. When installation is complete, the Lottery will begin training staff members on how to operate these machines. Once the training phase has been completed, sports betting can commence.

unclear if mobile betting will be ready to be rolled out at the same time as terminals

Bettors can place sports wagers via licensed locations only. The terminals, or a mobile device while on-location, can be used to place bets. It is unclear if mobile betting will be ready to be rolled out at the same time as terminals.

According to Jennifer McKee, communications manager of the Lottery Commission, it is in the home stretch when it comes to the planning and testing phase of the terminals. She said: “We are really looking forward to getting Sports Bet Montana in the market and we’re as excited as Montanans are for betting to begin.”

Approved betting types

This week, the Montana Lottery approved the type of bets that can be offered. Several types were agree upon after a vote, including moneyline, in-game, spread, prop bets, over/under, parlay, and future bets.

Players can bet on college and professional sports in several categories including golf, soccer, basketball, hockey, baseball, tennis, and several other sports.

Quick launch

The Montana Lottery published rules for sports betting back in November 2019 and was ready to accept license applications by December. The application process required locations to meet specific criteria to offer sports betting services, including having a proper alcohol license.

In the state, around 1,400 businesses would qualify to offer sports betting. The Montana Lottery placed applications on their website, making it easy for businesses to apply.  

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