Matchbook License ‘Temporarily’ Suspended by UKGC

  • No betting or casino activity for UK customers from 23:59 on February 17
  • Reason for the temporary suspension has not been revealed
  • Customers can withdraw funds and all open bets will be settled
Matchbook suspension message
Betting exchange Matchbook has been forced to suspend its services for customers in the United Kingdom following the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) temporarily suspending its license.

For reasons unknown

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has “temporarily” suspended the operating license of betting exchange Matchbook.

The company did not state why its license has been suspended. The UKGC usually releases an official statement when such action is taken, but no such statement has been released yet.

all forms of casino and sports betting would be suspended for UK players at 23:59 on February 17

Matchbook alerted its UK customers to the suspension on Monday. The betting exchange said that all forms of casino and sports betting would be suspended for UK players at 23:59 on February 17.

In its communication with players, Matchbook said it would “be back soon.” Customers can still access their accounts in order to withdraw funds and all open bets will be honored.

Email sent to customers

Matchbook sent an email to all UK-based customers explaining that all services have been suspended because of the UKGC’s decision to suspend Triplebet Limited’s operating license, a company that trades as Matchbook. 

The betting exchange claims to be working closely with the UKGC in order to resolve these issues. There is a path of agreement that both parties are working toward once a number of conditions have been met.

The email concluded by Matchbook stating: “We will be back soon and we are committed to providing a betting exchange which adheres to very high standards.”

Recent legal action

One potential reason for this suspension relates to a legal case involving a subsidiary of Matchbook called Eurasia Sports. This was allegedly a platform allowing high-rolling sports bettors from across the world to bet considerable amounts of money in a short space of time. 

There was an allowance of as much as $1m on credit without any need to provide security for these funds. Many of these high rollers did not meet their debt obligations, with Eurasia alleging that these bettors were defrauding the operator by providing checks that ended up bouncing. In total, the company alleges it lost about $12.6m due to these activities.

Founded in 2004

Matchbook was founded back in 2004. The betting exchange was acquired in 2011 by a consortium of investors with an impressive track record in the UK’s banking and sports betting sectors.

One of the main areas of focus for the Matchbook platform is horse racing. The betting exchange has sponsored many prestigious races across Britain and Ireland in recent years. Matchbook was also one of the first companies to register as part of the Authorized Betting Partner scheme back in 2016. 

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