Unibet Pens ‘Historic Sponsorship’ Deal With World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen

  • The brand will act as Magnus Carlsen's main sponsor during 2020 and 2021 seasons
  • Unibet aims to increase brand awareness among the 600 million chess players worldwide
  • The chess champion and betting operator share similar values and outlooks on success
World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen during a game
Six-time World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen will be sponsored by gambling brand Unibet during the 2020 and 2021 seasons. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Partnering with the smart betting champion

Unibet has signed what it described as a “historic sponsorship” deal with top world chess player Magnus Carlsen. This will see the online gambling operator act as the main sponsor for the chess champion during 2020 and 2021.

Unibet aims to increase its brand awareness through the sponsorship agreement, with more than 600 million people playing chess across the globe. 

The Kindred Group-owned brand considers Carlsen to be the ultimate advocate for smart betting, owing to his ability to make decisions and calculate risks during a game of chess. 

Kindred Group’s chief commercial officer, Rhodri Darch, said: “Since 2014, Unibet has communicated that “luck is no coincidence”, celebrating those players who rely on research and statistics to make informed decisions.” He added that the company believes Carlsen fully fits into the category.

Sharing similar values

Carlsen holds numerous world records for his chess-playing abilities. One of the more recent records he broke was the most consecutive classic games of chess won without losing. He is now on a streak of more than 120 victories in a row. 

both parties share many similar values on sports and stats

Following the sponsorship announcement, Carlsen said he looks forward to working with the gambling operator. He added that both parties share many similar values on sports and stats.

Carlsen echoed Unibet’s message that luck is not a coincidence, stating that one needs to make the right decisions and combine skill, knowledge, and intuition to be successful in a risk-based space. 

In conclusion, the chess champion said: “I find it exciting that such a big and global brand now aims to take greater ownership of international chess.”

The best in the game

In its statement, Unibet acknowledged the high level of prestige Carlsen holds, as he boasts the highest rating of any chess player in the game’s history.

Sven Magnus Øen Carlsen has been number one in the global rankings since 2010 as well as being world champion since 2014. At just 29 years old, he is the holder of six World Championship titles.

Carlsen is also a skilled poker player and has a keen interest in sports. Out of seven million users, he was the leader in the Fantasy Premier League soccer rankings in December 2019.

Sponsorship deemed a good fit

The partnership with Carlsen is a good fit as Unibet has been a long-time supporter of chess. In 2014, which saw Carlsen defending his World Championship title, it became the first-ever gambling operator globally to offer live betting on chess matches.

Since then, Carlsen’s matches have been very popular among bettors on the operator’s platform. Unibet was also the sponsor of numerous chess events and matches over the intervening years. 

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