Elderly Twin River Casino Patron Robbed at Knifepoint, Suspect Arrested

  • Anthony McClain held 69-year-old gambler at knifepoint in casino parking lot
  • Security footage determined attacker's identity via vehicle registration info
  • Police caught McClain in same car and wearing same clothes as captured on camera
  • Suspected assailant arrested and charged with first-degree robbery
hand pulling knife on an approaching person
Police have arrested the suspect behind the knifepoint incident at Twin River Casino Lincoln and charged him with first-degree robbery. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Suspected casino patron taken into custody

Anthony McClain, 30, from Massachusetts, was arrested over the weekend for allegedly robbing a senior gambler at the Twin River Casino in Lincoln, Rhode Island.

Lincoln police say the casino patron held the 69-year-old at knifepoint near the valet entrance of the Twin River parking lot on Saturday evening. Security footage helped track down the suspected assailant.

Victim gives his version of events

Police arrived on the scene of the robbery after a call came in before 6:30 pm. They met and spoke with the victim, who said he was in the driver seat of his vehicle when the suspect stopped him.

assailant held a knife and demanded the victim’s wallet, threatening to hurt him

The assailant held a knife and demanded the victim’s wallet, threatening to hurt him if he did not comply. When the elderly man handed over his wallet, the suspect took the cash and threw the wallet at the victim. Before the robber fled the scene, he also took sunglasses and a cellphone from the gambler.

Security video footage helps locate suspect

Surveillance video footage of the incident captured on Twin River security cameras detailed the incident. The footage showed the suspect running back into the building to reach his vehicle, which was parked in a different area of the property.

Police were able to determine McClain’s identity using the car registration information. The investigation connected the vehicle to an address in Massachusetts and a home in Pawtucket.

Police were able to determine McClain’s identity using the car registration information

Officers in Pawtucket tracked down the vehicle and McClain a short while later. He was in the same car and wore the same clothes he had appeared in during the robbery. He also had a knife on his person.

McClain was arrested and charged with first-degree robbery. Police are holding the suspect without bail.

According to Lincoln Police Captain Philip Gould, surveillance footage from inside the Twin River premises shows McClain following the victim on the casino floor earlier in the day.

Second Twin River robbery in two months

This is the second robbery in two months to be caught on Twin River Casino security surveillance. In November, a cop from Rhode Island was caught stealing a wallet at the casino.

According to VSO News, surveillance footage from the casino captured David Bradley picking up a wallet of a fellow customer from the gaming floor. Bradley proceeded to leave the casino instead of returning the wallet to its owner.

Security personnel followed the incident on camera and stopped him in the parking lot of the facility. Police arrested Bradley and charged him with larceny.

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