partypoker Launches New Year Rush Promotion

  • $100,000 in prizes each week for four weeks
  • Players can earn daily prizes for generating rake
  • Weekly leaderboards award $10,000 in cash
New Year's 2020 celebratory photo
The New Year Rush promo at partypoker awards $100,000 in weekly prizes and $10,000 cash to weekly leaderboard winners. [Image:]

Promo divided into four separate weeks

On Monday, January 6, online poker room partypoker launched a promotion to celebrate the start of 2020, appropriately named “New Year Rush.” A total of $400,000 in prizes will be awarded throughout the month-long promo.

$400,000 in prizes will be awarded throughout the month-long promo

New Year Rush is split into four one-week periods, each running Sunday through Monday. Players will have opportunities to win prizes on a daily and weekly basis.

Players can earn three prizes every day

The primary part of New Year Rush is the weekly prize distribution. Each week, partypoker is giving away $100,000 in prizes. Players receive these prizes simply for playing poker. Playing winning poker is not a requirement.

Each day, partypoker players can claim up to three promotional cards. Cards are earned very easily, no real grinding required. Those who earn 0.2 points in a day get one card. 1.5 points unlocks the second card; 5 points gets players all three daily cards.

Points are earned for real money poker play at the rate of one point for every $1 in rake.

The cards award prizes at random. The best are the cash prizes of up to $500. This cash is free and clear, with no playthrough requirements. Tournament dollars are also available, in amounts as much as 500 T$. Then there are race leaderboard points, used to help boost players up the weekly leaderboards.

partypoker says that there are a “set number” of weekly prizes available, so it sounds like it’s possible that they could run out before the week is over.

Weekly leaderboards

The leaderboards for the New Year Rush promotion work differently than do leaderboards in most other online poker contests. Normally, players have to play as much as possible or win as much as possible to climb the leaderboards. In New Year Rush, it is all based on the luck of the draw.

prizes are worth anywhere from $25 to $3,000

As mentioned above, one of the potential prizes on the daily cards is leaderboard points. This is the only way to get one’s name on the weekly leaderboards. The promo was designed this way to give everyone from low-stakes casual players to heavy-volume pros a chance to win.

The top 20 finishers on each of the four weekly leaderboards will win a combined $10,000 in cash. The prizes are worth anywhere from $25 to $3,000.

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