Oregon Scoreboard Betting App Generates $4.5m in Wagers

  • Over 25,000 players have registered to use the Scoreboard app
  • More than $112,000 was bet on the World Series in Oregon
  • The app includes a wide range of betting options but no college sports
  • Scoreboard's success has led to a growing concern over problem gambling


male betting on sports using his smartphone
More than $4.5m has been wagered on Oregon Lottery’s Scoreboard betting app since it went live on October 16. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Scoreboard’s first two weeks

Just two weeks after the Scoreboard betting app launched in Oregon, the state has already seen over $4.5m in wagers placed.

The app went live on October 16 and over 25,000 people have registered to take part in mobile sports betting since.

Sports betting variety

The Scoreboard app offers a variety of sports betting options, from the NFL and MLB, to cricket, darts, and more. During the recent 2019 World Series, which saw the Washington Nationals earn the title of champions, over 5,000 bets were placed in Oregon. The wagers came in at over $112,000.

app does not include college sports markets. Lottery officials expect this might change

The lottery is in charge of sports betting operations. According to Chuck Baumann, an Oregon Lottery spokesperson, the app is “humming along”. Players are enjoying the mobile option and are able to bet on everything, from professional sports to more obscure categories like handball.  

Despite offering a wide range of betting options, the app does not include college sports markets. Lottery officials expect this might change in 2020.

The app’s continued success

Since launching Scoreboard in mid-October, the Oregon Lottery has seen success with the app. VSO News reported that the app saw over 16,500 people sign up within just a few days after going live. Within the first week, the app had seen over $500,000 in wagers placed.

the app saw over 16,500 people sign up within just a few days

The mobile sports betting application was expected to launch at the end of August or early September. However, it did not pass the first round of testing and changes had to be made. During the testing phase, users had issues trying to access the app after downloading. Issues were also seen with the registration process.

Problem gambling concerns

Nate Peterson, the Volunteers of America’s Problem Gambling Program clinical supervisor and counselor, aired some concerns regarding the app and its growing popularity.

According to Peterson, over 81,000 people in the state are dealing with some form of gambling disorder. A recovering gambling addict himself, Peterson feels the state should have taken more time in launching the sports betting program.

The Oregon Lottery states that the average wager on the app is $20. It adds there are safeguards in place that allow players to play responsibly, like setting a betting limit or timing out.

Peterson is happy with the efforts of the lottery but feels the app will bring about new problem gamblers.

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