Gambling Addict Jailed After Stealing £43,000 from His Mother

  • The 31-year-old Englishman pled guilty to theft and criminal damage charges
  • Stole tens of thousands from his mother over a seven-month period
  • Abused his position as her carer to transfer a total of £43,000 ($55,000)
male behind bars
A 31-year-old Englishman is going to prison after stealing £43,000 ($55,000) from his mother to fund his drug and gambling addictions. [Image:]

26-month prison sentence

A man who stole £43,000 ($55,000) from his mother in order to feed his drug and gambling addictions has been sentenced to 26 months behind bars.

Jamie Humphrey, a 31-year-old from Barrow in England, pled guilty to the theft and criminal damage charges before his sentencing.

stole £43,000 ($55,000) from his mother in order to feed his drug and gambling addictions

Police were informed about the man’s offenses after they visited his mother’s house following the infliction of criminal damage. Barrow Crown Court heard that Jamie Humphrey went to his mother’s house on December 3, 2018.

Harrowing experience for the man’s mother

He stormed into the residence shortly before midnight and proceeded to break her television. He also threw photos of his deceased father into the fireplace.

After police arrived on the scene, Ann Humphrey told then about how her son had proceeded to take alarge sum of cash from her during the course of seven months.

The prosecutor for the case was Frank Dillon. He highlighted how the man abused his position as a carer in order to gain access to his mother’s bank account. He then proceeded to send funds to himself on a regular basis to feed his addictions. A total of £43,000 ($55,000) was stolen.

Immense mental stress

The woman made a victim impact statement with the police. In this statement, she said that she has been dealing with anxiety and is too afraid to step outside of her house since she reported her son to the authorities. 

Richard Vardon, the woman’s barrister, spoke about the immense mental stress the court case has had on his client. 

Conclusion of the case

Judge Beverley Lunt presided over this case. She handed Jamie Humphrey a 26-month prison sentence for the theft charge and a two-month concurrent sentence for his criminal damage charge.

The judge also enacted a restraining order. This means that the defendant can no longer contact or visit his mother. 

JJudge Lunt concluded the sentencing by directing some words to Jamie Humphrey, stating:

You left your mother with nothing. There is only one victim here and it’s not you.”

Following the culmination of the case, Ann Humphrey said: “I would like to thank everyone who has supported me in this sad situation.”

A common occurrence

Sadly, this type of case is not an isolated one. There are regular reports of gambling addicts stealing from loved ones and employers in order to fund their addictions.

One woman in Australia is facing a prison sentence of at least five years after stealing AUS$3.7m (US$2.55m) from her employer over the course of five years. 

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