Atari Games Founder Now Working on Gambling Games

  • Nolan Bushnell is now a consultant for casino games developer Synergy Blue
  • The approach Synergy Blue is taking will focus on creating more arcade-style games
  • The company is looking to merge styles and "bring online into casinos"
Atari video games set and console
Atari founder Nolan Bushnell is now working with casino games developer Synergy Blue to create arcade-style games. [Image:]

New horizons for Atari founder

Atari Games co-founder Nolan Bushnell is now getting into the gambling games industry. He is working with casino games developer Synergy Blue as a consultant to help the company improve its market share by developing better games.

It was at the recent Global Gaming Expo (G2E) that took place in Las Vegas that these new partners spoke about some of their plans for the future. 

Exciting times for the games developer

The CEO of Synergy Blue, Georg Washington, acknowledged that the 76-year-old would now be working with the team but did not disclose a lot of details about his role. He said Bushnell has already been a vital component in helping dictate the future direction of the company. 

Bushnell has already been a vital component in helping dictate the future direction of the company

The so-called “father of electronic gaming” spoke about his love of designing games. He added that his career has always pushed him into CEO roles, which saw him spend most of his time dealing with attorneys and accountants. He described these professionals as “not nearly as much fun as the engineers and the artists.”

Synergy Blue’s presence at the G2E event served to publicize its four new products, which consist of two match games, a racing game, and a shooting game. Throughout the entire event, the company revealed 14 new titles.

Move towards arcade-style games

Synergy Blue has adopted a new games approach based on the results of a recent study. The research showed that casinos can earn a lot more money by offering games that are akin to arcade-style games, as opposed to these being more like traditional slot machines.

According to the findings, almost 80% of adults would be more likely to visit a casino that offered games that are more similar to arcade and online titles. 

The operator is also embracing the results of a similar study which suggests that online casinos are the future. This would see virtual gambling centers requiring new arcade-style games.

Synergy Blue is looking to be at the center of this evolution and to bring the two styles together. The CEO concluded: “If you can find a way to bring online into casinos, you got a winner.”

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