Victims of Vegas Shooting Reach $800m Settlement with MGM Resorts

  • Agreement reached two years after shooting at MGM's Mandala Bay Casino & Resort
  • Total amount to be paid will depend on number of plaintiffs in the case
  • Independent administrator will distribute money to victims from a settlement fund
  • MGM's insurers will be paying a minimum of $735m of the settlement
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MGM Resorts International will pay from $735m to $800m to the survivors and families of those killed in the October 2017 Vegas shooting. [Image:]

Victims of Vegas shooting agree to settlement deal

Attorneys for the victims of an October 1, 2017 shooting at an outdoor concert in Las Vegas announced this week that a settlement has been reached with the casino operator.

MGM Resorts will pay from $735m to $800m to the survivors and the families of those killed

MGM Resorts will pay from $735m to $800m to the survivors and the families of those killed in the shooting. The total amount paid will be based on the number of plaintiffs that take part in the deal.

The 2017 shooting and its aftermath

The incident, which occurred at the Mandalay Bay Casino & Resort in Las Vegas, is known today as the deadliest mass shooting in modern United States history.

A total of 58 people died during the shooting and hundreds were injured. The killer, Stephen Paddock, holed up inside a Mandalay Bay hotel room on the 32nd floor and fired into a crowd during the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival.

Thousands of survivors and victims’ relatives went on to sue MGM Resorts International as the owners of the concert venue and the casino resort. The gaming establishment was the shooter’s base during the massacre. Hundreds of lawsuits named MGM Resorts International as the defendant.

Details of the settlement

The settlement takes place just days after the second anniversary of the incident. Las Vegas law firm Eglet Adams announced the settlement deal representing close to 2,500 individuals.

The court will now appoint an independent administrator to distribute the money from a settlement fund. The process of providing funds should be completed by next year.

The settlement takes place just days after the second anniversary of the incident

The lead plaintiffs’ counsel, Robert Eglet, said the deal shows good corporate citizenship by MGM Resorts. In a statement, Eglet pointed out that the agreement marks a milestone in the recovery process for the victims and will provide fair compensation for victims and their families.

MGM comments

MGM Resorts CEO and chairman Jim Murren said: “Our goal has always been to resolve these matters so our community and the victims and their families can move forward in the healing process.”

According to Murren, the agreement with the plaintiffs’ counsel is a major step and one the company hoped would take place. According to plaintiffs’ attorneys, the company’s insurers will be funding at least $735m of the settlement, while MGM Resorts will pay out the remainder.

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