NBA Star’s Sister Charged with Casino Murder of 84-Year-Old Woman

  • Kimesha Monae Williams is the sister of LA Clippers star Kawhi Leonard
  • Accused of murdering and robbing an elderly woman in a Californian casino
  • Denied bail due to her family's significant financial resources
  • Williams has a history of theft and violence
Police cordon tape lies on the ground in a small amount of blood.
The sister of a Los Angeles Clippers player is one of two women who have been charged in connection with murdering and robbing an elderly woman in a casino restroom. [Image: Shutterstock]

Deadly robbery in casino restroom

One of the defendants in a murder case has been named as a sister of NBA superstar Kawhi Leonard. She is one of two women who have been charged with murdering and then robbing an 84-year-old woman in a casino restroom on August 31. 

Leonard’s sister is 35-year-old Kimesha Monae Williams. She is currently in the Indio Correction Facility where she is being held without bail. Her co-accused is 39-year-old Candace Tai Townsel.

there was upwards of $1,200 in the woman’s purse

The two women allegedly followed 84-year-old Afaf Anis Assad into a restroom at the Pechenga Resort Casino in Temecula, California. The accused are then alleged to have attacked the elderly woman, breaking her skull, before stealing her purse.

The woman died a few days later on September 4. According to the investigator on the case, there was upwards of $1,200 in the woman’s purse. 

Link with NBA star

It was an aunt of Williams who confirmed to the media that she is the sister of current Los Angeles Clippers star Kawhi Leonard.

The NBA player recently moved to the Clippers after leading the Toronto Raptors to an NBA Championship. He was named as the MVP for the Finals. 

There is no indication as to whether or not Leonard has communicated with his sister or family following her arrest. His aunt told the media: “He didn’t have anything to do with this.”

Denial of bail

A Riverside County sheriff investigator made a request to the judge presiding over this case that Williams should not be offered bail.

The investigator said that William’s family have a lot of money and could post bail of $1m. Therefore, he requested: “NO BAIL to assure Williams’ appearance in court and to keep innocent victims safe.”

There was no mention of the NBA star directly by name in this request.

Leonard grew up in California, graduating out of King High in Riverside. It was in July that he signed up with the Clippers in a three-year deal that is worth $103m.

Williams’ co-accused is also being held without bail and their arraignment is set for September 19. According to the investigator, Williams has a history of violence. 

Violent murder

A doctor from the Inland Valley Medical Center concluded that the skull break could not have happened from a fall. Instead, it would need:

a great amount of force, such as being pushed, thrown or punched by a 320-pound person.”

According to the arrest records, William is 320 pounds and 6 foot 2 inches. Townsel is 195 pounds and 5 foot 4 inches.

Some of William’s’ previous convictions include attempted robbery and grand theft auto. Both women were responsible for stealing the wallet of a person playing slot machines at the same casino back in 2015. 

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