Multiple Arrests at Encore Boston Harbor After Fights Break Out

  • Officers at Memoire nightclub called for backup after disturbance
  • Fights broke out in casino lobby and gaming floor soon after
  • Incidents took place after 2 a.m.; individuals uncooperative and combative
  • Two arrested, one placed in protective custody, another summoned to court  
Multiple arrests were made after late-night incidents at Encore Boston Harbor. [Image: Shutterstock]

Patrons arrested at Massachusetts casino

Massachusetts State Police made multiple arrests following disruption at the Encore Boston Harbor casino. Fights broke out inside the Memoire nightclub as well as on the gaming floor.

The incidents took place back-to-back during the early morning hours, with troopers and police from Everett responding.

Trouble flares inside nightclub

Backup, including a K-9 unit, was called in as the crowd got out of control.

The larger of the two incidents happened inside the Memoire nightclub. A group of people were leaving the venue at closing time, around 2 a.m., when the situation became disruptive.

Several officers were already on hand to help control the crowd at the club when another disturbance occurred. Backup, including a K-9 unit, was called in as the crowd got out of control.

29-year-old Shani Mohamed Abo was arrested during the incident and charged with disorderly conduct, assault, and resisting arrest. According to police, Abo was not cooperative and became combative with a security officer of the club and the officers at the scene.

Encore Boston Harbor released a short statement saying: “Encore’s in-house security team, in collaboration with local police and the EBH state police unit, was able to quickly respond to and control the situation with no impact or disruption to other guests or operations.”

First of two casino assaults

Shortly after the disturbance at the nightclub, two fights broke out in the casino. The first involved 25-year-old Herby Charmant and two women.

Charmant had allegedly touched one of the women in an inappropriate manner.

The three got into an argument in the main lobby of the casino resort. Charmant reportedly pushed one woman and grabbed her phone, throwing it across the room.

According to police, after investigating the matter further, it was revealed that Charmant had allegedly touched one of the women in an inappropriate manner. He now faces several charges, including disorderly conduct, assault and battery, lewd and lascivious behavior, and incident assault and battery.

Another fight, another man charged

Soon after, a fight took place on the gaming floor. One man, whose name has not been revealed, will be heading to court to face assault and battery charges.

Police had to stay on their toes as the 3 a.m. hour rolled around as another patron was acting out. They noticed a 32-year-old unnamed male yelling continually inside the casino. He was taken into protective custody due to being intoxicated.

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