Twin River Files Harassment Complaint Against Casino Employees Union

  • Twin River responds days after local casino employees union filed complaint
  • Union alleged casino did not provide information on criminal conduct and pension funds
  • Casino operator claims union's requests were not made in good faith
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Twin River Casino has hit back against the claim filed by the Service Employees International Union Local 334. It is now accusing the union of harassment.

Harassment complaint filed

Twin River Casino is fighting back against a claim filed against them by the Service Employees International Union Local 334 regarding an information request.

The Rhode Island casino operator has now filed its own complaint with the National Labor Relations Board, accusing the union of harassment.

The attorney for Twin River, Michael Chittick, believes the union’s requests for information were not made in good faith. On the contrary,

The Union made the information requests with the intent to harass and unduly burden Twin River.”

Chittick has argued that the union has no legitimate need for a list of criminal conduct instances at Twin River.  

According to VSO News, the local union filed a complaint with the board last week, alleging that the Twin River Casino in Lincoln was illegally withholding information.

The filing stated that a request from March for a list of reported crimes at the venue was not responded to. The union wanted to see the criminal data to ensure employee safety. The request also asked for data regarding employee pension plans.

Union proposals

The union has also issued proposals as to what they want to see changed regarding employee safety at Twin River. The aim is for the casino management to ensure that serious recognized hazards are eliminated from the workplace.

The installation of bulletproof glass where money exchanges hands was requested to keep employees safe from criminal activity. The union also wants to see a security shuttle provided in employee parking lots at all times, along with security officer escorts for those who work the graveyard shift and for weekends upon request. It also called for security surveillance on the employee grounds as well as within the parking areas.

Twin River has responded to these requests. Spokeswoman Patti Doyle has stated that:

the company takes the health, safety, and security of guests, employees, and visitors very seriously.

Twin River Casino has also declared that, over the past three years and possibly longer, no SEIU bargaining unit employee has been the victim of a documented injury due to a security breach or criminal activity at the facility.

Security changes

The union issued requests for security changes just a few weeks after the General Assembly decided to approve legislation supported by Twin River that affects the security of the venue. Twin River was seeking a legislative change regarding bulletproof glass and steel partitions for check-cashing businesses.

State law requires casinos and other such businesses to have such security measures in place at counters, transaction windows, and check-cashing stations.

Twin River stated they are different from check-cashing facilities as they have state police and local police on-site. Lawmakers reportedly agreed with the company because they made a convincing argument.

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