California Casino Roof Collapse Injures 11 People, Investigation Under Way

  • Lucky Lady Casino in California temporarily closes its doors following partial roof collapse
  • The casino is owned by Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt
  • Fire respondents said the incident occurred where several commercial air conditioners are located
lucky lady casino temporarily closed notice
California’s Lucky Lady Casino ran out of luck after its roof partially collapsed, reportedly injuring 11 people. [Image:]

What happened?

Eleven people have been injured after a partial roof collapse at a California casino, according to reports.

The incident happened on Monday at 10:16 a.m. at the Larry Flynt’s Lucky Lady Casino in Gardena. Authorities announced that the roof near the venue center had caved in, reports Fox News. The collapse also caused a significant water leak.

The Los Angeles County Fire Department attending the scene stated that 11 people had been hurt.

One person was said to have “moderate” injuries while 10 sustained minor injuries. Seven of these were transported to hospital. However, police didn’t immediately confirm the number of people involved.

Taking to Twitter, the fire department posted an update of the collapse. It reported that around 25′ x 15′ of the roof had subsided.

LA County Fire captain Tony Imbrenda said afterwards that the exact cause of the incident at the California casino was still unknown.

“But clearly, as evidenced by the photographs that we’re seeing right now live on television, the area of this collapse was primarily around the area where a couple of large commercial air conditioners are situated on top of that roof”, he added.

In response to the fire department’s tweet, one user commented: “I can’t see Larry Flynt hustling his way out of this one.” Another replied: “You always gamble with gambling.”

Communications issued

Following the incident, the casino website has posted a notice saying the venue is “temporarily closed” to allow for the necessary repairs.

“We look forward to announcing our reopening soon,” it added, encouraging patrons to visit Hustler, the sister casino situated nearby.

A spokesperson for the Flynt Management Group said that they have brought people in to figure out the cause of the collapse as an investigation gets under way.

The California casino is owned by Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt. It was previously known as the Normandie Casino, which was initially named the Western Club when it opened in the 1940s.

However, in 2016, Flynt, who already owned the Hustler Casino, won approval to buy the Normandie Casino. He then renamed it Lucky Lady Casino.

Slip and fall

In an unrelated incident, Jack Casino of Cincinnati, Ohio paid out $3m (£2.41m) to one of its patrons after a woman slipped and fell on a “wet floor” sign that had fallen.

Before a Hamilton County jury found in favor of Lynda Sadowski, the casino had argued that the sign was visible and that she had failed to see it. It’s reported that the sign was knocked over by a customer. However, when Sadowski approached the area she didn’t see the sign, which saw her sustaining injuries to her kneecaps when she tripped over it.

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