Union Accuses Twin River Casino of Allegedly Withholding Crime Records

  • Rhode Island union claims the casino is illegally withholding records of crimes committed on-site
  • Twin River is being accused of not taking employee and guest safety seriously
  • The National Labor Relations Board has scheduled a hearing on the allegations
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The union has clashed with Twin River Casino in Lincoln over allegedly withholding criminal records.

Union takes on casino

The Service Employees International Union Local 334 in Rhode Island has alleged that Lincoln’s Twin River Casino has withheld records of crimes committed on its premises.

In March, the union requested a list of reported crimes that took place at Twin River. The casino reportedly provided a list of crimes involving employees, but did not include all criminal activity.

The union is asking to see all records to ensure safety across the board. According to the union president and mutual clerk, Joe Marciano, several types of incidents have taken place at the facility.

We’ve had assaults, firearm threats, vandalism and theft in the parking lots and even on the casino floor. There have been dozens of incidents over the past three years. It’s time for Twin River to take employee and guest safety seriously.”

Board hearing scheduled

Twin River has responded to the union’s accusation by stating that they are not surprised at the timing, in view of current negotiations. Officials plan on cooperating fully if an investigation were to be launched by the National Labor Relations Board.

In response to the lack of information, the union filed a charge of unfair labor practice. The Board was duly alerted, and the charge was investigated and found to have merit. A complaint was issued charging Twin River with refusing to provide information.

A hearing on the unfair labor practices allegation is scheduled to take place in October before an administrative law judge.

Records requested

The union called for information during contract negotiations between the two parties. It appealed to Twin River Casino to provide information regarding break-ins, burglaries, assaults, and other criminal activity that occurred within the past three years at the venue. Details of the nature and location of each incident were also sought.

The Rhode Island State Police have responded to the casino 396 times since January 1, 2018, with a total of 92 arrests made. The union wants to learn more about crimes that have taken place against employees, patrons, and vendors of Twin River.

As part of negotiations, the union is also asking the casino to offer parking lot shuttles for employees. If no shuttles are to be provided, they expect other security measures to be put in place for their safety.

Pension plan issues

Along with safety concerns, the union is also worried about the employees’ pension plan. It has reported that Twin River has failed to answer their request for information in this regard.

The union has also asked to see all communication regarding underpayments or delinquent payments associated with the plan.

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