Son Stabs Father After Gambling Spree

Murder weapon
A man has been arrested in India for almost killing his father when he refused to pay out for his gambling debts.

30-second summary

  • In India, a 28-year old man has been arrested for attempted murder
  • He was a prolific gambler and offender
  • He demanded that his father paid his debts
  • Lashed out when he refused
  • Father, aged 60, remains in hospital in critical condition

In India, late on Saturday evening in Hanumantha Nager, a 28-year-old man was accused of stabbing his father after an argument over money. A long night of gambling ended with violence when the father refused to hand over any cash to his son’s creditors. This led to a violent outburst by the son that ultimately left the 60-year-old in hospital.

Girinagar police stated that a man called Santosh, who also goes under the alias of “Scrap Mukund”, has been arrested on the attempted murder of his father, Ramappa, who still remains unconscious.

Continued to lose earnings

At the heart of this tale is a man with a gambling addiction, for it appears Santosh was a compulsive gambler and what’s more, a frequent offender, as he tried to continue his expensive habit.

In the district where the two men lived he was known for driving an autorickshaw, a job he had taken over from his father due to his advancing age. But this wasn’t about a son continuing his father’s legacy.

Instead, Santosh used his earnings to fund his gambling. He spent his evenings playing cards and reportedly lost 1 lakh of rupees($129,234.80). A lakh is part of an Indian measuring system that directly translates into 100,000. It is thought that Santosh continued gambling in an effort to earn his money back.

Santosh did not support his father with his earnings, as is tradition. It seems as though Ramappa was forced to rely on his savings instead.

Demanded his father pay the debt

It all came to a head last Saturday, when after promising money he did not have, Santosh lost 100,000 rupees ($129,234.80) at the card table. With no money to pay on the spot, he was marched by his fellow gamblers to the home that he shared with his father.

It is thought that Santosh then demanded that Ramappa provide the shortfall. When he refused, Santosh became enraged and stabbed his father after venturing into the kitchen to grab a knife.

The report said his neighbors were alerted by Ramappa’s cries and came to his aid. They brought him to the hospital where he remains unconscious in intensive care.

Girinagar police have taken a statement from Ramappa’s wife, while they have registered a charge of  attempted murder against Santosh.

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