[INFOGRAPHIC] Rise of The Machines: How Artificial Intelligence is Beating Humanity at its Own Game

Artificial Intelligence Infographic

Our new infographic seeks to outline the power and influence of Artificial Intelligence, in a way that’s sleek and easy to understand.

With the term “AI” hitting the headlines, you might feel like you’re out of the loop when it comes to knowing what it’s useful for, and just how this new development is changing the world.

That’s where our new infographic comes in. It outlines all the information you need to know to keep ahead of the game.

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It’ll cover everything from understanding where the intelligence behind the software comes from, to its great ability for problem solving.

It’ll also tackle important issues, such as – will AI replace people in the workplace? And are the examples of AI seen in films actually real? This infographic even outlines facts about the types of intelligent software that can help us in our every-day lives. In fact, you may already be using some of it.

These examples include the iPhone assistant Siri and Amazon’s own virtual help, Alexa. Then there’s the literally game-changing Libratus, software which was programmed to learn the sophisticated game of poker.

Designed to play No Limit Texas Hold’em, Libratus not only won, its programmers stopped counting once it reached $1.8m (£1.37m) in chips.

Whatever your thoughts on AI, the ability for the software to achieve the winning position in over 120,000 hands is something to be admired.

And ultimately, while developments in software and games will continue to improve, a better understanding of our own technology will only help us to implement that information in greater ways.

AI has the ability to improve our lives, make our decisions easier and influence our lifestyles for the better. After all, when it comes to strategic thinking, the human brain is considered the highest bar to aim for. The fact that new software programs are starting to apply the same matters of logic and “learning” ability is something to be celebrated as a great technical innovation of the human race.

Now, within this infographic, you can find a timeline of AI’s development, a short introduction on the different types of AI, and learn just how you’re probably using some of these in your daily routine already.

Get ready to become more familiar with the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence.

Rise Of The Machines Infographic

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