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Transferring Wild Slot Machines

Transferring Wild Slot Machines

One of the newer features that has been showing up on a lot of slots in live casinos over the last few years is the introduction of multiple sets of reels on the same video slot machine. Slot machines with two or four sets of reels are now common, and most penny slots use this format in order to allow players to still make somewhat sizeable bets even while only spending $0.01 per coin.

With these games has come a unique feature: that of the transferring wild symbol. This is a special symbol that has the potential to score big wins, but which also adds a lot of variance to a slot machine, making it one of the most interesting features that we’ve seen on slot machines in a long time. Now, this high reward feature is making its way to some online slot machines, giving more players the chance to experience this unusual but fun feature.

What is a Transferring Wild Symbol?

A transferring wild symbol basically works the same way as any other wild symbol: it takes a spot on the reels, and then substitutes for any symbol in the game you’re playing, helping you make winning combinations. The more wilds you find on the screen, the better.

Where transferring wilds become very different is in the way they spread across the reels. In a game with these symbols, the first set of reels will appear larger on the left-handed side of the screen, while the remaining three reels will share the right side of the game area. If any wilds should appear on the first set of reels, they will transfer onto all of the other three reels, giving you wild symbols on every game you’re playing.

That means that every time you hit wilds on the main reels, you’ll be getting four times the benefit. Hit a few wilds in some key positions, and you’re all but assured of a big win.

Games with Transferring Wilds

At the moment, it appears that only online casinos using software provided by WMS Gaming offer games that truly use the transferring wilds feature. In addition, only a limited number of machines have this feature. Still, there is a nice selection out there for those who want to give transferring wilds a try. The games we know of with this feature include the following:

Bruce Lee Dragon’s Tale: If you’re a fan of the legendary martial artist that this game is named after, you’re sure to have a good time playing this slot machine. Not only does it feature the transferring wilds symbols, but it uses the multiple sets of reels in other creative ways as well. Hitting scatter combinations on different sets of reels at the same time can exponentially multiply your winnings, and stacked wild symbols make it possible to transfer more wilds than ever before.

KISS: Fans of the classic hard rock band will want to give this game a try, as it features plenty of graphical touches and animations that true KISS fans will love. In addition, the four symbol layout provides even more paylines and chances to get a wild symbol on the reels, meaning plenty of opportunities to hit a transferring wild.

Spartacus: In this version of the WMS colossal reels format, you’ll once again find transferring wilds that move from the first reel to the other three. However, this game has a bit less variance than the other machines in this line, which might make it more welcoming to casual slots players.

Other games featuring transferring wilds include Gems, Gems, Gems and Fire Queen.

Playing Casino Games Online

The best way to understand exactly what transferring wilds are all about is to experience them firsthand, which you can do by playing any of the free slot machines featured below.

SpartacusGems Gems GemsFire QueenGiant's Gold


Gems Gems Gems

Fire Queen

Giant's Gold

Are Transferring Wilds Right for You?

Transferring wilds are definitely a feature that can add a lot of excitement to a slot machine. But that doesn’t mean that everyone will enjoy them equally, and depending on what you want out of your gameplay, you might want to seek them out or avoid them accordingly.

The biggest thing to know about transferring wilds is that they are a very “all or nothing” feature. Since they have the potential to create massive wins for players, machines that use these symbols can’t just hand them out like candy: if they hit too frequently and made too many wins, the player would have a huge advantage! That means that these symbols either tend to pay out infrequently, or are carefully designed not to give out too many big wins. Either way, that means the transferring wilds tend to increase variance: you’ll typically get a lot of losing spins, but have the chance for some thrilling combinations that can break the bank.

In reality, the only way to know if you’ll enjoy transferring wilds is to give one of these games a try. If they sound interesting to you, try one of the WMS transferring wilds games for yourself!

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