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The Mad Hatter Slot

Fall down the rabbit hole and enter the world of The Mad Hatter, where it’s tea time every time and tasty treats are always on the menu.

In this wonderland of colourful reels and animated symbols, the Hatter is unusually portrayed as a redheaded woman, but there is no indication whether this is an all-new Hatter, the more familiar Hatter post-reassignment surgery, or simply the Hatter’s girlfriend who has borrowed his most famous piece of apparel after coming over for a good tea time stuffing (of delicious biscuits).

The Hatter is joined by a collection of nubile female symbols in various states of undress, as well as a fallen tea tray (oops!), a cup of ‘sexy tea’, and a large, dripping honey pot. With all available tongues planted firmly in all available cheeks, ‘The Mad Hatter – it’s tea time’ offers plenty of reason to turn on the kettle and wait for things to get steamy.

The Time is Precisely 1.87

When Alice first met the Hatter in Wonderland, she found he was cursed to perpetually relive tea time for ‘murdering time’, and in this attractive World Match slot you can become an accessory after the fact, killing a little time whenever the urge takes you. All you need to do is simply press play and watch the reels spinning like cogs in a mad hatter’s head, landing wherever lady luck may take them.

The slot itself has 5 reels of spinning symbols with 25 lines of potential winners in each and every spin. When at rest, all 5 columns containing 3 rows of symbols are on view displaying an array of quirky characters. Hovering your cursor over each paying line allows you to see exactly where the symbols must land to give you a win, although you can reduce the number of win lines if you wish to gamble less or find it a little easier to follow.

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The Mad Hatter

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This Is Delicious Cake

For those who feel particularly adventurous, the max bet button on The Mad Hatter is the perfect way to increase both the risk and the reward. The effect is much like the results of eating cake in wonderland, in that it can grow your winnings to double their size. Selecting this option takes you to a lovingly-rendered feature page whenever you win. The gamble is to select from a choice of teacups, one of which is hiding a mouse. If the teacup you choose proves to be the rodent’s refuge, your winnings are doubled; if not, the cake magically transforms into hard cheese for you.

In The Mad Hatter, Alice too appears to have been having a nibble or two on the sumptuous sweet, although for Alice the effects of the anatomy-growing dessert seem to be highly localised. It really is delicious cake.

Looking Through the Looking Glass

The Mad Hatter is a game rich in beautifully rendered details and features. From its opening screen replete with giant mushrooms and a bikini-wearing Hatter, to the slot screen itself, perfectly framed with steaming kettles and a fairytale forest, everything is as you would expect from a World Match game.

The wild symbol is something of a curiosity however, seeming to depict a biscuit filled with sticky blue jam. A similarly sticky biscuit with red jam oozing from every crevice activates the free spin feature.

It's a Mercury Mine of Riches

‘The Mad Hatter – it’s tea time’ is a feature-rich casino-style slot. One of the most exciting of the in-game features is the free spin option. When this feature is activated by the free spins sticky biscuit symbol, the resulting spins will stake the casino’s money while the winnings go to you. It’s enough to make you wonder who the crazy one is, the makers of the slot or the Hatter!

..And Back to Reality

The Mad Hatter is a fantastically fun wink and a nudge of a slot machine, with a lovingly crafted interface, an enticing gamble option, and an array of cartoon beauties reminiscent of an old Carry On movie. With an upbeat soundtrack that’s sure to have you humming along and a fun free spin feature, there are plenty of reasons to play with this engaging and inviting slot.

The hours can just fly by if you’re not careful, so don’t start playing immediately before an important date – or you may wind up as late as the March Hare.

Sadly, every adventure to wonderland must end eventually, but that doesn’t mean you can’t come back to earth with a smile on your face and your pockets bulging.

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