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Olympus Reels Slots

You’ll have undoubtedly seen an unbelievable amount of Greek themed modern slots, all of them showing off with their fanciful artistry, teasing you will sumptuous graphics… well, you won’t get that here.

The graphics are great, don’t get us wrong, it’s the modern format you’ll be missing out on, and we find that most refreshing. Invigorating, even. We’ve become so accustomed to playing Greek themed online activities, that we thought there was no more room for us to be surprised or excited.

Gamers will be presented with 3-reels, glorious in their minimalist 1x3 matrix, the colourful symbols complemented by the brilliant white of the fluffy clouds and shocking yellow of Zeus’s thunderbolts. Some may say basic, we prefer to say whimsical.

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Olympus Reels

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Cloud Nine

As this is a godly slot machine, with the familiar faces of some of Greece’s most infamous deities making an appearance, players will have their head in the clouds for the majority of the game.

What may strike you about this game, besides Zeus, is that there are a lot of different tiles that can be thrown up on the reels, even despite it’s small size. Some classic renditions opt for less tiles, maybe a selection of six or less, but here we have 10.

Naturally the gods come out on top, with Zeus winning at life once more by securing his place (yet again) as the god we all know the most; let’s face it, it’s down to our familiarity with the name more than anything. Two of him will award you 50 credits and three a much bigger 1,000; and yes, the matches will only ever be in threes because of the size of the matrix.

The 7, BAR and green gem symbols, the ones that look like they’ve shown up to a party uninvited, are the icons that bring in the least amount of money. You can only get three matches with this trio, not two, as if to emphasise their lack of status, and they’re only worth 3 credits.

Moving onto the premium tiles, there are the free spins and wild, no more and no less; World Match has created a small game with little variation. You get the base game and that’s about it, which will be more than enough for most of the casual players that bet on this game.

The two symbols float on top of their clouds, with the free spins giving a sad and lonely total of just five spins - that’s not many at all. We know this game is a traditionalist, but the decision to not have a bonus round should have translated into having more free waves, at least you’d think that anyway. Thankfully there’s a saving grace: all of your prizes will be x2, though you’ll have to get a win in the first place, which seems unlikely.

Short and Sweet

Like the game itself, its controls remain petite and basic with only four widgets to fondle, with only one having a bearing on your stake. There are seven bet levels in this game, which basically means you have seven values of coin to select from, the highest of which is 2 credits. And as there’s only 1 payline, that’ll make your total bet worth 2 credits.

Surprisingly, the brand have allowed the high volume of 1,000 automatic rounds to be left as an opinion, which just seems crazy as we doubt anyone will be playing Olympus Reels for any great length of time. The experience will probably be as confined as the grid with which you play on.

Mildly Successful

Olympus Reels is a success in some respects and a flop in others – we can deal with the lack of bonus levels and opulence, they can get boring in themselves. But the fact that you only ever get 5 free spins in addition to the 3 reels of the base game, makes this one short lived pastime. As easy as it is to pick it up, it’s even easier to cast to one side, and with how fickle we can all be, the latter is more likely to happen.

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