ESPN’s First Sports Betting Show Will Air Soon

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ESPN is getting ready to air its very first television show dedicated to sports betting.

30-second summary

  • ESPN is set to air a daily show dedicated to sports betting, beginning on March 11
  • The show will offer the latest information and news about upcoming sports events
  • Many other television networks have similar shows in the works
  • Some backlash is likely from those who do not want young people being exposed to pro-gambling messages

Sports betting legalization

Since the federal ban on sports betting was ended in May 2018 by a Supreme Court decision, many states have been taking steps to legalize sports betting in their region.

The major sports leagues were against the legalization of sports betting. For many years, they fought in the courts to try and suppress such a move. However, since the ending of the federal ban, they have been trying to capitalize on the market in any way possible.

The teams in these leagues are doing the same. Therefore, it is only logical that television networks would quickly follow suit and start to host shows focusing on sports betting.

Details of this show

A new show on the ESPN sports network, “Daily Wager,” will air for the first time on March 11. The host of this show will be Doug Kezirian, a betting analyst on the network. It will be a daily show, airing in the prime-time hour from 6pm to 7pm.

The show will offer the latest information and news about sports betting. It will look at money lines and point spreads and Kezirian will offer his views on the best approach for sports bettors. He already has a track record as a host of the Behind the Bets podcast.

Norby Williamson, ESPN’s executive vice-president, is bullish about this new show. He said: “ESPN’s mission is to serve sports fans. The sports betting environment has changed and interest is increasing at unprecedented levels. ESPN is going to have a strong and vibrant presence across our platforms, and the launch of Daily Wager is the next step in what has already been underway for some time.”

Any potential backlash?

Naturally, there will likely be some backlash against gambling-related shows. A lot of viewers do not want young people watching sports shows discussing gambling because it will be so impressionable on their developing brains.

Some of the sports leagues may also want to have their own say on the structures of these shows. They want to ensure that all of their rules are being upheld.

However, many in the sector believe that this is a good move for the networks. In an age where television is becoming more and more replaceable by other media, this will help to capture the attention of sports fans who enjoy sports betting.

It is fresh and relevant, which will attract a vast audience. Many states are looking to legalize sports betting in 2019 and onward. Currently, there are fewer than ten states with legal sportsbooks. Therefore, the initial market for sports betting information may be somewhat limited.

There is, of course, a thriving black market for sports betting in those states where it is still not legal. Sports bettors in these areas will also want to get the latest news and views on upcoming sports events that will help guide their betting strategy.

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