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Sands Survey Reveals Most People Opposed to Online Gaming

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013 Sands Survey Reveals Most People Opposed to Online Gaming

On one hand, the Nevada state government and casinos in the state are trying very hard to build a robust online gaming market in the state to generate more revenue. On the other, Las Vegas Sands casino has come up with interesting results from a survey revealing that a majority of people in the country are against online gaming. While some are worried by the survey’s results, some are brushing the survey aside, as a tactic used by people like Sheldon Adelson, who is the CEO of Sands Casino and Resort, to prove their point.

The survey, which was conducted nationwide, had revealed that 67 percent of the people questioned across the US do not think internet gambling is a good idea.

What the Survey Found

The nationwide survey sponsored by Sands casino and resorts was conducted by Washington D.C. based The Tarrance Group. The poll sheds light on the people’s opinion of online gaming and whether or not it should be made legal, and the reasons for the same. The survey was telephonic and questioned 1000 registered users from across the 50 states of the country. It was held between October 14 and 17 and had an error margin of 3%.

During the poll, 62 percent of the people agreed that having online gambling in their states was a good way to generate tax revenues, while 58 percent people across the country stated that the current online gambling activity should be banned. The survey covered both cell phone and land-line users.

The poll also questioned about the users view on the seven gambling formats including lotteries, horse racing, land-based casinos and internet gaming. Lotteries had the highest positive rating of 71 percent, while internet gambling had the highest negative rating at 67 percent. 58 percent people approved horse racing, and Las Vegas styled land-based casinos were approved by 56%.

Internet Gambling Not Favored

It is not just the general public that is against internet gambling. Even seasoned card players and casino enthusiasts are skeptical when it comes to online gaming. According to the Tarrance Group, people are not against gambling in general. They are only uncomfortable with the casino games and poker rooms being accessible on laptops and phones. In fact, many people seem to be okay with the idea of gambling as a means to generate revenue in the states, but they seem to have a rather negative view of internet gambling in particular.

Adelson Stands Alone Against Online Gaming

Las Vegas Sands casino and resorts chairman Sheldon Adelson has been quite vocal about his disapproval of all forms of internet gaming and has been opposing the legalization of online gaming on a national level. In this regard, Adelson’s approach has been completely from the opinion of the rest of the top execs in the casino industry. He has earlier written a commentary, which was published on Forbes, that legalizing online gaming is only going to pave way more underage gambling and problem gambling issues. The fact that he used aggressive phrases like “fool’s gold” and “societal train wreck”, when referring to internet gaming in the article, depicts how strongly he opposes its legalization.

Las Vegas Sands‘ President Michael Leven is a member of the American Gaming Association, which has been lobbying for a poker-only online gaming legislation. The group is a trading and federal lobbying arm of the casino and is based in Washington D.C. The casino’s vice president for community development and government relations, Andy Abboud stated that they have made their stand with regards to online gaming very clear. He also said that the casino will act as needed to oppose legalization of online gaming at a federal level.

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