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Out With the Old & In With the New in Downtown Vegas

Friday, November 15th, 2013 Out With the Old & In With the New in Downtown Vegas

The Las Vegas strip is no more the only popular place that gaming buffs want to go to. Downtown Vegas, with its new and exciting restaurants and casinos, is the new attraction today. A number of tourists to the Sin City, especially the young, prefer downtown Vegas to other places for obvious reasons – the opening of the Downtown Grand, which stands out amidst the retro-styled casinos that Downtown is home to. With the opening of the Grand, Downtown is now home to the oldest casinos, as well as the newest casino in Vegas.

Gambling, Fine Dining and More

Tourists visiting Vegas have a new option when it comes to luxury accommodation, dining and entertainment. But this time it is in Downtown Vegas, where a new casino hotel and restaurant is making headlines. After an unofficial opening in October, the official ribbon cutting of the Downtown Grand Hotel and Casino took place on November 12, 2013.

The inauguration of the Downtown Grand by Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman was indeed grand, with a marching brand, ribbon cutting and to top it all, showgirls that the Sin City has always been famous for. The casino stands tall in the former site of Lady Luck casino, which was named a “disaster” by the previous mayor and current mayor’s husband, Oscar Goodman.

The grand has hundreds of luxury rooms, a walk-up gaming options and amazing dining options for its guests. The old part of the town is starting to look newer and younger, according to some people. The addition of the new building on Fremont Street had stirred a lot of excitement among the locals, and some are simply amazed at the transformation of the area.

Downtown Vegas is No More Just for the Old

Gone are the days when downtown Vegas was only visited by old timers for a 99 cent shrimp. The area’s new attraction is drawing the young crowd, in the demographic of 21 – 30. Youngsters, mostly techies working in companies like Zappos in the vicinity, are the ones that the casino is aiming to attract, and in fact, has been successful in doing so to an extent. Downtown Vegas also has its own branch of Pizza Rock, the award-wining pizza maker, who offers all kinds of pizzas, including the Chicago-style cracker-thin crust pizzas, which are hard to find elsewhere in Vegas.

Managers at the Pizza Rock believe that the Downtown Grand casino draws close to 3000 guests in the target age group, which it stands to benefit from. The pizza eatery also has its own DJ, and is more than eager to take advantage of the crowd that the Grand has lured.

Old Vegas Gets a facelift

It is not only the new casinos that have changed Old Vegas. A number of existing casinos and restaurants in Downtown have been remodeled and transformed into some of the coolest places to spend time in Vegas. The best part of it all is that these restaurants, despite getting a facelift, have managed to retain their old Vegas charm that many people still find appealing.

Old Vegas Gets the Deserved Attention

For a long time now, Old Vegas remained a highly neglected part of the town. All that has changed now, with the opening of new restaurant and transformation of the old casinos into brighter and jazzier spaces that appeal to the younger crowd. Downtown Vegas, which is only 15 minutes away from the Strip that houses the biggest casinos in Vegas, now has high-concept restaurants, a walking mall light shows every night, a theatre and a private park too.

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