Myth Busting in Las Vegas

Las Vegas. It’s the land of glitz, glamour, excess and good old fashioned American dreams. It’s still well-known as the entertainment and gambling capital of the world, where the streets are paved with gold but the gutters are littered with broken dreams.

Rumour, Intrigue and Controversy

Rumour and intrigue have surrounded Sin City ever since it was founded in 1905, and some myths have been re-told and repeated so many times that they have worked their way into Vegas folklore. But is there any truth behind the rumours? Who really invented the famous Las Vegas Strip? Is it really possible to get a refund on some of your losses at Vegas Casinos? And just how do you go about getting a room upgrade in some of the world’s premier hotels and resorts?

The Las Vegas Myths quiz picks apart some of the most famous urban legends that have made it into Sin City folklore, and investigates the surprising truth behind the rumours.

Is it really bona fide that casinos pump oxygen onto the gaming floor? Or double pour drinks just to keep you gambling? Find out the answers by taking the myth busters quiz.

So You Think You Know Vegas?

Maybe you’re a big fish. Maybe you know all there is to know about the City of Lights. Maybe you’re such a high roller that you’ve been there and done it all before. Well why not put your money where your mouth is? And impress your friends with your abundant knowledge of Vegas fable and fantasy.

Taking a trip to America’s gambling capital sometime soon? Want to know where casinos place the high-paying slots? Want to know where to get the best odds? Ever wondered if it really is unlucky to use your player’s club card in Vegas slots? Expose the truth and bust these myths and many more wide open.

But hey, it’s not just about finding out the answers. Take the quiz to test your Vegas knowledge and challenge your friends to beat your score on Facebook or Twitter. Like a high-class poker player, it’s all about knowing when to show your hand – and the size of your intellect!

Start Myth Busting Now

Is it genuinely true that dozens of slots players risked death in a Las Vegas casino to try and win a jackpot? Take the quiz, test your knowledge, share your score, and find out all of the answers.

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