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Clubbing Also Popular Among Vegas Tourists

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013 Clubbing Also Popular Among Vegas Tourists

Las Vegas is the name that comes to mind when one thinks of gambling. But the sin city, which is known for its many casinos and gambling avenues, is also becoming popular for the nightlife it has to offer. According to a new survey, it has been reported that around 26% of people who visit Las Vegas tend to skip gambling and go for its more glitzy nightlife instead. The report also states that if the trend continues, clubbing might as well become the major revenue generator for the city, overthrowing gambling as the major attraction of Vegas.

Gambling Is Not For Everyone

When they set up shop in the Sin City, mega clubs offering entertainment minus gambling understood one thing – gambling is not what everyone wants. While it is true that a majority of people visiting Las Vegas head to casinos, some prefer the jolly night clubs to throwing away money at a casino.

The survey, which was conducted for a gambling group in the city, has revealed that more than 25% of guests at a resort or casino in Vegas are there for the city’s nightlife and not really gambling. According to the trade publication Nightclub & Bar, Las Vegas has 21 of the 100 best and most profitable nightclubs in the US. Of the 21, seven casinos are among the top ones that generate more than $25 million every year, only from their clubbing services.

The competition between the many nightclubs of Las Vegas has been a major reason for increase in clubbing revenues in Las Vegas. More and more casinos with nightclubs have been vying for their customers’ attention. The competition to get more people into their nightclubs has led to introduction of more attractive clubbing packages and offers that are more tempting than playing slots or poker at the casino.

Club owners are also relying on innovative ways to entertain their guests, and trying to win over their interest by giving them something new, something they may not be able to find back at home, or elsewhere in the country. Among the popular offerings combined in packages offered to the guests include the latest and the best music with DJs, laser shows and all-night supply of premium liquor at exclusive VIP tables, reserved for special guests. All these can be expensive in general, but not beyond the reach of casinos and nightclubs in Vegas, which are adept in giving their guests the best and have them coming in for more.

Is it good news that people visiting Las Vegas sway towards clubbing more than they do towards wagering? Well, it is for night club owners, but certainly not for casinos that rely heavily on their gambling revenues. The rising profile and profits of these mega clubs in Las Vegas is threatening the gambling revenues generated by the many casinos in the city. Even though most of these clubs are actually located inside casinos, the increase in clubbing revenue is something that the casino operators have to worry about for the future.

Casinos have always been attracting customers with their games, tournaments and other wagering options, but with the mega clubs in Vegas adding the extra element of “wow” to what they have to offer, the charm of the casinos seems to be fading. Reports reveal that one club has even distributed 3D glasses so that their guests could experience a three-dimensional experience with the graphics popping from behind the DJ. Considering the kind of attractions one is to find at these mega clubs, it is no surprise that clubbing is stealing the show from gambling.

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