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Blonde Legend

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For all new players at Cafe Casino
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Blonde Legend Slots

Las Vegas is known as a central hub of shows, parties, and wild nightlife. The glitz and glamour found in Las Vegas is simply unrivalled, and in many ways is one of the most defining characteristics of this great city.

However, Las Vegas is not the only place to have bright lights and big casino. There is another town that can certainly rival Las Vegas when it comes big ‘show time’ fanfare. That city is Hollywood! Hollywood, California has one of the best reputations when it comes to globally recognised superstardom.

Taking that superstar nature and bringing it to the world of online casino play, 888 has unleashed a game that shines brighter than the rest. Blonde Legend may very well stand in a category all on it's own when it comes to casino slots play, as it looks, at least on the surface anyway, to be the complete package. Placed front and center within this game is the ‘Blonde Legend’ herself Marilyn Monroe, which tells you plenty about the star power of this release.

Visually this game looks to be Hollywood Walk of Fame bound, but does the star power of Marilyn Monroe make this game a must play? Let's find out…

Setting the stage

Casino slot games often fall into the category of appearing too ‘cheesy’, which takes away from the playing experience presented. Blonde Legend is not an example of that, as it looks to inject a touch of class back into proceedings.

The game is simply beautiful to look at (not just because of Marilyn Monroe) which given the reputation of 888 does not come as a surprise. The slots are the main part of the screen, not wasting any space that maximizes its entertainment potential to say the very least. Behind the slots is a very nice backdrop, which is made up of red curtains that are being held open by rope, signaling the launch of the show, the image really does tie in well with the overall theme of the game. In fact, when compared to other games, Blonde Legend proves to have the total package when it comes to design elements.

The bottom part of the screen shows how well the UI has been designed. No space is left to waste as the balance, pay table, paylines, bet figures, total bet number, paid spins, and free spins are shown. Now you may be reading that thinking, “Where in the world is all the space to fit all this information?”, the answer to that simple, the game is magnificently organized from a design perspective. Simply put, Blonde Legend doesn't suffer from the common online slot game design issues, as this is a smart and lavishly designed title.

Raising the curtain

Each symbol used in the Blonde Legend is related to Marilyn Monroe herself. From high heels, movie reels, magazines, perfume, diamonds, all the way through to images of Marilyn Monroe herself, this Blonde Legend is certainly not shying away from the spotlight.

You can win by matching up the various symbols on a highlighted payline, with there being 25 paylines to choose from. There are various symbols that work in your favour if located. The wild symbols serve to complete any incomplete line that you have on screen. This wild symbol can prove to be your saving grace should be a symbol short of completing a jackpot winning payline.

There is also the possibility of winning free spins too if your luck is truly in. The free spins allow you to play for free which can help you make your winnings grow exponentially. Shining bright like a true Hollywood star the bonus features with Blonde Legend won’t fail to get your pulse racing.

Some like it hot

Marilyn Monroe has a place in history as an all time Hollywood great. Does Blonde Legend live up to Marilyn Monroe's legacy? Yes, in many ways it certainly does. If you are a fan of the old Hollywood classics, then this is without question the new casino slots game for you. Anyone who is into Marilyn Monroe, or casino gaming in general for that matter, will also find that there is plenty to take away from this title.

Taking players on a dramatic ride, Blonde Legend is an online slots game that exemplifies stellar performance and celebrity showmanship. Raise the curtains, have your tickets ready, and get yourself ready to be entertained, as a Blonde Legend is about to take to the stage and she isn’t likely to disappoint.

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